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Lefty, Righty, and TQ on Global Warming

Lefty on Global Warming

Global Warming is caused by Industry. The burning of fossil fuels, a dirty and primitive process, releases tonnes of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere every day. This creates a blanket of smog over the Earth that traps heat and wreaks havoc on the environment.

Typhoons, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, floods, famines and plagues are all caused by the global increase in temperature. Big Business doesn't care, of course... all that matters to them is the bottom line. They use their influence over the right-wing media to make global warming seem like a fairy tale, rather than the indisputable fact it is.

In order to save our planet, drastic steps must be taken. We need to enforce strict limits on fuel consumption for automobiles: no more S.U.V.s! We need to shut down all Big Businesses that thrive on coal, oil, and so-called "natural" gas. We need to plant trees and nurture our planet. Only by doing so will we be able to leave a planet to our children where they can thrive.

Righty on Global Warming

"Global warming" is a myth perpetuated by the liberal media. Dozens of reputable scientists have proven that the Earth's temperature fluctuates over time, naturally. If the earth's temperature is rising (I don't feel any warmer.) then it's part of a natural cycle. In fact, this warmth will create a new era of growth and prosperity, just as it did in prehistoric times.

A lot of people are trying to cripple our economy by forcing us to play along with their juvenile luddite eco-scam. They say they're trying to save the Earth, when in fact what they're trying to do is drive everyone in well-established energy careers out of work. Why? Sour grapes, I'd imagine.

We've got to cut through the hype, people. Keep on working, living, loving, all the things that made this country great. The sun will rise tomorrow.

TQ on Global Warming

Whether climate change is natural or manmade is immaterial. It is not the responsibility of organisms to change their environment- only to adapt to it. That's what evolution... what life.. is all about.

Maybe our winters will get shorter and our summers longer. Maybe extreme weather events will happen more often. Maybe purple cows will start raining out of the sky. It doesn't matter. We need to learn to live with these changes, or we will become obsolete.

How do you ever expect our species to reach the stars if we try to change the weather every time the air is a little hard to breathe?

It is not our responsibility, as mammals, to alter the atmosphere. We should not play God. It is only our responsibility to invent or mutate our way to a better life.

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