Lefty, Righty, and TQ on Abortion

Righty on Abortion

There is a crisis in the world today, a crisis called abortion. Millions of babies worldwide are lost every year to this barbaric practice.

A fetus is a human being. It possesses human DNA. It has beautiful, perfectly formed hands, eyes, and feet. It is capable of feeling pain as well as emotions. Many fetuses that are aborted today are perfectly viable infants.

Women are tricked by abortion doctors and liberal college professors into believing that abortion is a simple, painless, routine medical operation. In fact, it is a crude mutilation that results in lasting physical and emotional damage. In addition to all this, virtually every real religion in the world regards the murder of babies to be a hell-worthy sin (as well they should).

Abortion is usually committed by young single mothers. We have a moral responsibility both to teach them about abstinence and to protest outside these so-called "clinics" using nauseating photographs and placards with inflammatory slogans.

Lefty on Abortion

Abortion is inevitable. Young people are going to have sex, and that will always result in a few unwanted pregnancies. If they can't get safe, clean, clinical abortions, these women are going to have to perform the same operation in back alleys with dirty clotheshangers that will probably result in permanent damage or even death.

All too often, women with unwanted pregnancies are made to feel guilt about their choice and their lifestyle because of closed-minded fundamentalist family members or "friends". Even worse, some of the more hate-filled religious zealots will picket abortion clinics or threaten their doctors in plain defiance of the law, which upholds a woman's rights over her own body.

Robbing a woman of her biological right to terminate pregnancies is a crime of unbelievable proportions. Very often, these pregnancies are medically dangerous, or are the result of some traumatic rape. Would you really force some poor woman to incubate a cluster of cells against her will? Any opposition to abortion is the worst, most obvious example of misogyny and woman-hating in our society.

TQ on Abortion

Don't be confused by the arguments going on. The debate around abortion isn't about religion, and it sure as heck isn't about women's rights. It all centers around a single question, the only question that makes any difference: is a fetus a human being? If so, abortion is murder. If not, it is a surgical procedure.

The problem is that this central issue cannot be decided by our government. It cannot even be addressed. The question of what is or is not a human being, while fundamental to our law, is sadly a nebulous philosophical dilemma. Nebulous philosophical dilemmas, like religion, are necessarily left in the hands of the individual.

Now the problem is that the individual, in order to gain the right to perform an abortion, must first prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he or she believes in a coherent, well-defined view of the universe in which a fetus is not a human being. To that end, I think we should develop a kind of philosophical court in which individuals have their viewpoints examined and cross-examined.

If you can prove that you believe in a world where a fetus is just a clump of cells, you're free to do as you wish with it. If the philosopher-lawyers can find a hole in your worldview, any attempt at abortion should be treated as murder.

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