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Okay, some of you may be familiar with some books and a TV series that goes by the name "Animorphs". For those of you who aren't, here's what you need to know- alien gives kids the power to morph into animals, kids save planet.

Anyway, some guy on the forums asked me if I would do a base-fourteen set of numerals for the Andalites (good-guy blue aliens) to use. Andalites have advanced technology, telepathy, and seven fingers on each hand. This sort of thing is right up my alley.

First off, here's a little something you won't see in human writing.... the colour helps to determine the meaning. There's a palette of 6 colours used in language.

Palette of colours

And there's fifteen numerals, like so.


Now, a few of you have noticed something. "But Tailsteak,", you say, "Base fourteen shouldn't require a symbol for the number fourteen!". You're absolutely right. But, in this number system, you only use the symbol for zero when you actually mean zero.

Here, I'll count from 12 to 17 so you can see how it works.


Get it? Whip out your calculators... this is what a million looks like.

One MEELION Dollars!

Okay. Now, here are the mathematical symbols... the main ones, anyway...

Order of operations is left to right, no exceptions. Upside-down means negative number. Here's a few basic equations, just so you can get a feel for it.

Square root of 36
20 +(-4 * 5)

Now what about decimals and obscenely large numbers, you ask? No problem. There's a kind of scientific notation. Blue slash means move the non-existant decimal point from the back, red means move it from the front. So these two numbers are the same...


I'm not going to bother converting that into base-ten. Fractions over fourteen are horrible.

One last dose... here's an approximation of pi.


Disclaimer: This number system is in no way canonical to the Animorphs universe, and I have absolutely no permission from K. A. Applegate to even breathe on the Animorphs series.

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