thoughtsWorst Help Menu Ever.

Alright. I'm a little annoyed.

I'm using Windows XP here at home, and... well.... look.

Can you believe this crap?

That's the help menu for the folder-browsing doohickey (which is essentially Internet Explorer, sans Internet).

Isn't that kind of like printing "Did you pay for this?" on a candy bar wrapper? Or like putting a neon sticker inside the glove compartment of a car that says "I hope you didn't hotwire this car!"?

Really, what is Microsoft hoping to accomplish?

  • Anyone who did pirate this operating system isn't going to have an attack of conscience because of this menu option.
  • People who don't know about computers are going to be frightened into clicking it, thinking that computers are complex and scary, and that they may have committed some cyber-felony without realizing it.
  • People who do know about computers are going to be insulted at the implications and disgusted with Microsoft.
  • Here's what a good help menu should look like:

    Minesweeper rules.

    What it all comes down to is this new fear of piracy. The Big Information Corporations -- music, movies, software -- are up against millions of people. Those people aren't evil, they aren't out to bankrupt the companies intentionally... they're just helping each other out. They're sharing things they've bought. And that's illegal?

    Well, it is when it's information. And when that information is produced by a Big Corporation.

    Something's gotta change.

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