Okay, everyone, here's the rundown.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be rendered unconscious and all four of my wisdom teeth will be cut out of my head. I will not be in any fit state to update the webpage (or do anything more complex than watching TV) for at least 36 hours after that, so don't bother checking.

As for the content of this page... I'm trying to decide what to do. The Band series enthuses and excites me -- and I definitely know where I'm going from here -- but we're at what amounts to the end of the first episode, and I want to give them time to cool. I'd like to move into The Blue Android's action sequence, but it's very hard to draw and The Blue Android's style isn't very easy to begin with. Shaw is good, but the backgrounds are visually repulsive to me and the english-vocabulary-with-alien-grammar thing is probably harder on your brains than it is on mine.

I think I'll just go into the next bit of the Band story. When all's said and done, I want to have fun here and tell the stories that I like, and maintaining some sort of balance between the stories just isn't that much fun.

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