Okay, I came up with this years ago, it's the phonetic alphabet I use to write my diary. I call it Phonetica.

ah cat
eh bet
ih pick
aw pot
euh book
uhh shut
ee beat
oh toe
oo shoe
b bat
k cork
ch chat
d dot
f frog
g grass
h hope
jh vision
j jack
l love
m jam
n normal
ng sing
p pop
r rust
s sorry
sh push
t trim
thh path
tth there
v vortex
z zoom

As you can see, it's fairly simple. I designed it to be written quickly, and, of course, the average English sentence takes up less space in Phonetica than it does in the Roman alphabet.

There's no W or Y (I use oo and ee) and no symbol for "eye" or "ay" (I use ahee and ehee).

ihts   nawt   reelee   ihmpohrtuhhnt.
ahee   juhhst   thhawt   aheed   shehr.
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