infoWelcome to the 1/0ites!

Okay, all the viewers from 1/0 came over to today, and I've got a few things to say to you all.

Firstly... thank you all for directing me to Ackerman functions and power towers and tetration, and for pointing out that the name Operator Theory is taken. That was very nice of you all. You can stop now. [Note to self-- if you ask a pool of three thousand people for input, even if only 1% answer, you still have to wade through 30 emails.]

Secondly... I don't know how you can be having trouble with the navigation system. It's the traditional First-Previous-Next-Current setup, only you can choose to go through them all, or by subject. You don't need to memorize the symbols. If you're focused on a story, just click on the arrows with the red bit. I spent a lot of time coding the thing, so get used to it.

Thirdly... there's been some trouble with the .tk thing. It's a little slow to redirect, and the frame is a tad annoying. I may change to a .com eventually. I probably will add a bit of Javascript that takes out the frame automatically. I hate frames.

Fourthly... welcome! Enjoy your stay! Etc, etc, etc. Hope you like. Now you can recommend me to your friends without being embarrassed by the poor quality of the early 1/0 archives.

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