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We've got a federal election coming up, and this year, I wanted to be an informed voter. Thus, I spent the past evening scrounging up information on the candidates, and finding their pros and cons.

The weird thing about Canadian politics is that you don't vote for the Prime Minister directly... you vote for a Member of Parliament for your riding, and whichever party has the most elected MPs, their leader becomes PM. So one has to consider not only the individual candidates, but also the party behind them.

Gina Barber
Gina Barber
New Democratic Party
New Democratic Party
+ Not a lawyer.
+ Is a teacher.
+ Worked on committees to help the homeless, got a medal of some sort.
+ Got a B.A. and a Masters in Sociology.
+ Rides a bicycle.
- That's not a very good picture.
- She's a cat person.
+ Jack Layton is very sexy.
+ Concerned with social justice, homelessness, etc.
- Kooky, far-left ideas.
Estimated Probability of Election : 4% Estimated Probability of Election : 6%

Sue Barnes
Sue Barnes
Liberal Party
Liberal Party
+ Has already been MP of this riding for three terms (experience!).
+ Chaired a bunch of committees whilst MP.
+ Born in Malta.
+ Two Bachelor's Degrees.
- Has already been MP of this riding for three terms (stagnation!).
- Is a lawyer.
- Her website consists of little more than a link to Paul Martin.
+ Paul Martin smiles a lot, looks like my Uncle George.
+ Martin supposedly did good things for the economy.
+ Kept us out of Iraq.
- Lots of political infighting and backstabbing.
- The Gun Registry, which was a boondoggle in every sense of the word.
- More concerned with popularity than good governance.
Estimated Probability of Re-election : 65% Estimated Probability of Re-election : 53%

Rebecca Bromwich
Rebecca Bromwich
Green Party
Green Party
+ Has an LL.M., an LL.B., and a B.A.
+ Chaired a bunch of committees and associations.
+ Expecting a kid, could use the money.
+ Lives somewhere in my neighborhood, so if she gets out of line I can go punch her dog.
- Is a lawyer.
- Has a snowball's chance in Miami.
- Expecting a kid, could be distracting....
+ Very pro-environment.
- That's pretty much it.
- Has a snowball's chance in Cairo.
Estimated Probability of Election : 1% Estimated Probability of Election : 0.01%

Steven Hunter
Steve Hunter

Progressive Canadian
+ A young graphics artist & IT guy (like me!).
+ Not a lawyer.
- No website (!?).
- Probably has no government experience (I wouldn't know, he doesn't have a website).
- Hideous website.
- It's a break-away party of former Progressive Conservatives who didn't want to merge with the Canadian Alliance. They're dividing the right-wing vote and screwing over the Conservative Party.
Estimated Probability of Election : 2% Estimated Probability of Election : 1%

Michael Menear
Mike Menear

Conservative Party
+ Friend of the family.
+ Friend of Diane Haskett, former London mayor (whom I admire for her tenacity).
+ Has his own law firm.
- No prior government experience.
- Is a lawyer.
+ Wants more accountability, fixed election dates.
+ Would cut taxes.
- Steven Harper.... ew.
- Wants to beef up the military, probably would have sent us into Iraq, given the opportunity.
- Had major trouble unifying into one party, let alone leading the country.
Estimated Probability of Election : 28% Estimated Probability of Election : 40%

Margaret Villamizar
Margaret Villamizar
Marxist-Leninist Party
Marxist-Leninist Party
+ Interesting surname.
+ Hasn't put up any of those annoying lawn signs.
- Has a snowball's chance in hell.
- No website (in fact, couldn't find any info on her whatsoever).
+ Communists are funny.
+ Massive tax reform.
- Just look at all the other communist countries. I mean, seriously.
- Not going to get elected, no matter what anyone does.
Estimated Probability of Election : 0.0001% Estimated Probability of Election : 0.00001%

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