twenty questions with a coinTwenty Questions with a coin IV
Okay, everybody, it's back by popular demand... twenty questions with a coin!
Today's coin is a bright shiny new 2004 Canadian penny. Say hello, penny!

(Heads) Hiya!

Very good. Now....
1. Is it animal?

(Heads) Yes.

2. Is it human?

(Heads) Yes.

3. Male?

(Heads) Yes.

My, what a positive coin you are.
4. Currently alive?

(Tails) No.

Hm, I see.
5. Did he ever really exist at all, then?

(Tails) Can't say as he did.

A fictional character. Interesting.
6. Would he be from some famous literary work?

(Tails) Not as such, no.

7. Folk tale, urban legend, or baseless stereotype?

(Tails) Way off.

8. Painting, sculpture, video game hero?

(Heads) Sure, one of those.

9. Please say video game.

(Tails) Sorry, champ.

10. Painting, then?

(Tails) Negatory.

Sculpture. I see. Hmm.
11. Some naked dude from the Renaissance?

(Heads) Now you're getting it.

12. Michaelangelo's David!

(Tails) Nope.

Hmm... wish I knew more about statuary...
13. The Thinker?

(Tails) No.

14. That discus guy?

(Heads) You got it!

15. Anything else I should know, or can I just go ahead?

(Heads) No, man, you got it. Go nuts.

Hey, thanks penny. That was a fun one. You're a good player.

(Heads) Don't mention it. My pleasure.

The discus guy
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