thoughtsMy agenda giraffe.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: "agenda" and "giraffe" totally need to switch words.
I mean, here, look at this thing....

Look at that noble profile, those soulful eyes, that powerful stride. To this, you would give the word "jee-RAFF"? Rhyming with "chaff" and "graph" and "half" and "laugh"? No, my friends, no.



Say it, and hear the beat of distant African drums, taste the acrid musk of rhino dung on a hot breeze, feel the primal power in those basic syllables.


This, you would tie to your schedule, your time table, your piddly list-of-things-to-do? Pah! Such an abstract, modern, human thing deserves a word with peculiar non-phonetic spelling and a silent e.
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