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Well, it seems my mother was not pleased with the last coin
flip saga (to my surprise, not because of the bizarre self-centered
argument, but because of the naughty words (such as "freaking")).
As an alternative, she has given me this special September 1999 quarter,
which features children holding hands. The idea is, this disc of metal,
conveying as it does childlike innocence, wonder and friendship, will lend
itself to positive outcomes. Let's hope so.

Hello, coin of childlike innocence and wonder!

(Heads) Hewwo.

Aw, isn't that precious.
1) Is it animal?

(Tails) Nuh-uh.

2) Vegetable?

(Tails) Nope!

3) Does it have moving parts?

(Tails) Nooo...

4) Is it bigger than a breadbox?

(Tails) Nuh-uh.

5) Is it bigger than a marble?

(Tails) No!

I think you just like saying "no" a lot.
6) Is it bigger than a grain of sand?

(Tails) Nope!

7) Is it composed of more than one type of thing?

(Heads) Yes.

Ah, so it's very small, but not so small that it's just a molecule.
8) Is it manmade?

(Heads) Yeah!

9) Is it nanorobots?

(Heads) Yeah! Those are so cool!

I concur.
10) Anything else I need to know?

(Tails) No, just draw some nanobots!

Can do.

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