randomThe correlation between facial hair and one's position on the traditional left-right political spectrum
Cleanshaven Cleanshaven Marx Beard Marx Beard
Heavy Stubble Heavy Stubble Jewish Lawyer Beard Jewish Lawyer Beard
Goatee with Chops Goatee with Chops The Arab The Arab
The Satan The Satan Regular Goatee Regular Goatee
Weak Biker Weak Biker Fireman Fireman
Weird Scottish Thing Weird Scottish Thing Hitler Hitler
M M Some Guy's Dad Some Guy's Dad
Cop Cop Gypsy Gypsy
The Crapface The Crapface Grungy Grungy
Heavy Stache Heavy Stache Chops Chops
Thin Sideburns Thin Sideburns The Pornstar Soulpatch The Pornstar Soulpatch
The Half-moon The Half-moon Up and Over Up and Over
Chin Cover Chin Cover The Chinstrap The Chinstrap

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