twenty questions with a coinTwenty Questions with a coin XII

Today's game is a long-distance one, with the coin in question (a Chuck E. Cheese's token) being flipped by my girlfriend in Indiana. Hello, token!

(Tails) Meh. Hi. Still a bit miffed you dissed me for the Fin coin back there.

Well, he had dibs. Or whatever.

(Heads) Its cool. Just saying.

Right, then.
1) Is it vegetable?

(Tails) No-sir-ree-bob!

2) How about animal, then?

(Heads) Now you're getting warmer.

3) A person?

(Heads) I would like to think so.

4) Someone currently alive and non-fictional?

(Tails) RRRK. Wrong. Please hang up and dial again.

5) Someone male?

(Heads) Bing!

6) Oh for the love of... is it Chuck E. Cheese?

(Tails) Oh come on man. Give me some credit here. I may be a token but I'm not THAT bad!

Right, right, sorry.
7) Is this a historical figure?

(Heads) Yeah. As famous as a childhood-marketed chain can get, I doubt Mr. Cheese is actually historic.

8) Is this historical figure from Western history? I.e., North America or Europe?

(Tails) Nope. Gonna have to dig deeper than that.

9) Um... is it someone from Chinese history?

(Heads) Yes indeedy!

10) An emperor?

(Tails) Sorry.

11) Ooh! Is it Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism?

(Heads) Wow! Good guess there man! Almost thought I had you stumped!

Well, religious figures are really the only people in Chinese history that I know anything about, so it was either Lao Tzu or Confucius (Buddha was, of course, from India).
12) Is there anything else I need to know?

(Heads) Well now that you mention it...

13) I'm going to have to do research, aren't I?

(Tails) No no. You should be able to do this research free...I think.
(Tails) Not that I know exactly what you know all things considered...I'm still a token for a childhood birthday bazaar.

14) Okay, this picture of Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism... is there going to be something in there that's decidedly non-Taoist? A giraffe on a unicycle, for example?

(Tails)'re kidding me right?

Okay, no wacky non sequiturs.
15) Is there some specific Chinese scenery in the background?

(Heads) Now you're talking. See. That isn't too research necessary!

16) Okay, are we talking about a building, here?

(Heads) Yeah. Gotta love the Oriental architecture of that era. Simply magnificent.

I'll take your word for it.
17) So perhaps this is Lao Tzu, sitting in a classroom of some sort, surrounded by disciples or students or whatever?

(Heads) Give this man an overpriced teddy-bear!

Well, thank you, Chuck E. Cheese token. It's been a pleasure.

(Heads) Indeed. Sorry about the confusion. And remember, if you are going to be stopping by, make sure to empty your pockets before going into any of the tubes and tunnels. And out for the ballpit.

Lao Tzu!

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