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A few days back, I got together with some friends for an all day role playing session. There were three different role-playing games we wanted to try: Silver Age Sentinels, Titan (mine!), and Big Eyes Small Mouth. As I had time beforehand to think about these games and the characters I wanted to play, I drew up quick pictures of them, and I thought I'd share those with you. Of course, pencil crayons never scan very well, but I'm rather pleased with each drawing regardless.

Silver Age Sentinels is a superhero game, and my superhero character of choice was The Twiddler:

The Twiddler

As the graphic explains, The Twiddler has superspeed and invulnerability in his hands. Thus, while he's not very good at punching, kicking, flying, or busting through walls, he can flick you like there's no tomorrow. The costume came out very gay, but that's sort of what I was aiming for. Tragically, we did not get a chance to play Silver Age Sentinels.

Titan: Children of the Stars is the sci-fi role playing game I made, and yes, my friends and I do play it voluntarily.


Tex here was heavily influenced by ancient Western movies when he was a kid, and thus affects an accent and mannerisms long extinct. His eyes are meant to look that large, that isn't just stylistic... Tex is a Tsaden, genetically engineered for life in space, and thus at his best in low-light, low-gravity, high-radiation environments. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to play him either.

Big Eyes, Small Mouth (or BESM) is a roleplaying game that recreates the universe as it exists in most Japanese cartoons: exaggerated, hyperactive, and filled with strangeness. My character of choice was Kazuo Oreamnos.

Man of Peace  Oreamnos Americanus

Kazuo is a were-mountain-goat... basically, take everything you know about werewolves and replace "wolf" with "mountain goat" (an animal which, I learned, is not a true goat, but instead related to the antelope). In addition to uncanny balance and the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, Kazuo was also assigned pyrokinetic powers as a result of our setting, and thus there was much antelope-morphing and flame-throwing and whatnot.

Of course, as was the theme of the evening, nothing went as planned. Our efforts were incompetent and clumsy, plagued with misunderstandings and interpersonal conflict and met only with failure and chaos. Still, though, all in all, a fine night and most enjoyable.

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