thoughtsElection 2006!

Okay. So.

Last election, the Liberal party got the most seats out of anyone in Parliament, but they got less than 50%, creating what we call a minority government. The Liberals have held sway over Canada for a decade, and, as happens with any political party that's been in power for that long, they accumulated a lot of little scandals that, if they happened in America, would end in "-gate". Thus, now, the whole government got a big non-confidence vote and now everybody's gotta go re-vote in January which means we all get to have annoying political commercials in the middle of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Once again, then, I have tabulated a list of all the candidates in my riding, along with their associated plusses and minuses.

Gina Barber
Gina Barber
New Democratic Party
New Democratic Party
+ Not a lawyer.
+ Is a teacher.
+ Does a lot of volunteer work.
+ Got a B.A. and a Masters in Sociology.
+ She's persistent, I'll give her that.
- That's not a very good picture.
- She's a cat person.
+ Jack Layton is very sexy.
+ Concerned with social justice, homelessness, etc.
- Kooky, far-left ideas.
- They were the Liberals' best buddies for a while, now they've turned around and are running attack ads.
Estimated Probability of Election : 8% Estimated Probability of Election : 10%

Sue Barnes
Sue Barnes
Liberal Party
Liberal Party
+ Has already been MP of this riding for three-and-a-bit terms (experience!).
+ Chaired a bunch of committees whilst MP.
+ Born in Malta.
+ Two Bachelor's Degrees.
- Has already been MP of this riding for three-and-a-bit terms (stagnation!).
- Is a lawyer.
+ Paul Martin smiles a lot, looks like my Uncle George.
+ Martin supposedly did good things for the economy.
+ Kept us out of Iraq.
- Lots of political infighting and backstabbing.
- A plethora of scandals, most particularly the one where they gave taxpayer money to an ad agency for nothing.
- More concerned with popularity than good governance.
- Isn't the whole point of this election to get rid of them?
Estimated Probability of Re-election : 35% Estimated Probability of Re-election : 40%

Al Gretzky
Al Gretzky

Conservative Party
+ He's Wayne Gretzky's uncle. Much as I'd like to be optimistic about my countrymen, in all honesty, I think it's his surname that'll win him the election.
+ He's no carpet-bagger, though. He has lived in this riding for 25 years.
+ Not a lawyer.
- No prior government experience.
- He's a salesman.
+ Wants accountability. I guess I like accountability.
+ Would cut taxes.
+ Would strengthen our ties with the Americans.
- Steven Harper.... ew.
- Would bring us closer to the Republicans.
Estimated Probability of Election : 55% Estimated Probability of Election : 50%

Steven Hunter
Steve Hunter

Progressive Canadian
+ A young graphics artist & IT guy (like me!).
+ Not a lawyer.
+ I hadn't expected him to run again. Kudos.
- No website (!?).
- Seriously, where is the information about this guy online? His own party doesn't even acknowledge him!
+ They describe themselves as "socially liberal, fiscally conservative", which appeals to me.

- It's a break-away party of former Progressive Conservatives who didn't want to merge with the Canadian Alliance. They're dividing the right-wing vote and screwing over the Conservative Party.
Estimated Probability of Election : 1% Estimated Probability of Election : 0.1%

Monica Jarabek
Monica Jarabek
Green Party
Green Party
+ She's a teacher

- Not gonna get elected. Don't really know why she's bothering.
+ Very pro-environment.
+ It appeals to me that this is an international political party.
- They're pretty much just focussed on the environment.
- They've never won a single seat in Canada. Seriously.
Estimated Probability of Election : 1% Estimated Probability of Election : 0.1%

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