twenty questions with a coinTwenty Questions with a coin XVII
Mason: I've just been really bad at managing time lately. It feels like I have no time.
Amber: I got a gold Sacagawea coin. :D
Amber: (spelled so bad)
Mason: Ooh!
Mason: Pretty, yet difficult to use in vending machines!
Amber: she helped Louis and Clark make it to the maybe she can help you too!
Mason: :3
Amber: So ask!
Mason: Now?
Amber: ....*flips* HEADS
Mason: Okay, then.
Mason: Is it bigger than a breadbox?
Amber: (heads)
Mason: Is it bigger than Scott Kurtz?
Amber: (heads)
Mason: Is it bigger than one of those Hummer limos?
Amber: (heads)
Amber: its big apparently
Mason: Indeed.
Mason: Is it man-made?
Amber: (tails)
Mason: Is it something that is or was alive?
Amber: (yes)
Mason: Hmm... limits us to whales, trees, dinosaurs, and collective organisms like coral reefs, I think.
Mason: Is it something that can move?
Amber: (yes)
Mason: Is it aquatic?
Amber: (yes)
Mason: Is it.... a blue whale?
Amber: (no)
Mason: Is it a humpback whale?
Amber: (no)
Mason: *looks up whales*
Amber: XP
Amber: maybe its an alien fish. :D
Amber: or a squid! :D
Mason: Ooh! Is it a giant squid?
Amber: (Yes!)
Mason: Awesome!
Amber: you got a kraken!
Mason: Is there anything else I need to know?
Amber: (nope. Apparently just a giant squid)
Mason: Okay!
Mason: You can go to bed now. You will see a giant squid on my website in the morning.
Amber: I look forward to it. :3

Giant Squid
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