twenty questions with a coinTwenty Questions with a coin XVIII

Alright, this is Monday, and, in theory, that's my day off, my day to do a comic. I have to find out where my spare time keeps going. Anyway, I figure I'll flip a coin, that's a good way to get some quick content. Today's coin of choice is a 2003 Canadian penny. Say hello, penny!

(Heads) Hi!

Okay, then.
1) Is it animal?

(Tails) No, it is not.

2) Is it vegetable?

(Heads) Yes, it is!

3) Is it alive?

(Tails) No.

4) Is it made of wood?

(Tails) No.

5) Is it edible?

(Heads) Yes.

6) Is it cooked?

(Tails) No.

7) Is it a fruit?

(Heads) Yes.

Hmm, I've already done a fruit...
8) Is it whole?

(Tails) No.

9) Is it accentuated with some sweet substance?

(Heads) But of course!

10) I'm thinking strawberries with chocolate fondue...

(Heads) Sounds good to me!

Only ten questions...
11) Anything else I need to know?

(Tails) No.

Hmm. Well then. If you insist.

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