eye candyMonster Game Art

This is some art from a game I've been working on - sort of a faux D&Dish project where the players are monsters... anyway, as I had it, I thought I might as well show you all.

The typical caveat with analog-coloured media applies: these look a lot better in person.

Team Arach: Orr the Drow, Ixa the Pixie, Jherra the Manticore, Macarr the Medusa, Tria the Ghost, and T'luin the Tortugan

Team Drach: Celera the Ibixan, Tick the Cinderling, Noof the Glaag with her Glaagspawn, Dusk the Goblin, and Sissasse the Lizardwoman

Team Eese: Rakk Trizz'nok the Half-fiend Kobold, Mekhet the Anubite, Booloo the Kuo-toa, Ehud Maravest the Human Vampire, Yarrinystta the Red Dragon, and BloodDrinker the Sentient Sword, with his Goblin Thrall Uder

Aerinn the Black, their employer

Those who didn't make the cut: Bulu the Half-fiend Flumph, Sunda the Nagadillo, Srin the Displacer Beast, Hallie the Succubus, Tunag the Beholder, and Thon the Troll

Sir Valance the Paladin of St. Cuthbert, with Tommy, his squire, and Starburst, his Astral Mount
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