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Been thinking about a hypothetical kid's cartoon for a while, figured I might as well share.

The series would be called Dustoff Diner, focusing on a orbiting restaurant, somewhere deep in a far-flung future. (This setting, of course, allows for flexibility in developing plots for episodes: either think of a sci-fi plot and give it a restaurant twist, or think of a restaurant plot, and give it a sci-fi twist.)

I'd keep it to a fairly small cast, a tight-knit group of five characters.





Mister Capacitor

Other recurring characters would include:

-The Infinitessimals, sinister human agents of the "Our Lady of Infinitessimal Mercy Correctional Childatorium and Asteroid Mining Camp" (think the asteroid from Armageddon crossed with NoHeart's castle).

-The Beedeebees, tiny roach/mantis-like pests that scurry about stealing food and causing trouble. Iv is the only person who knows their closely guarded secret - they're actually intelligent!

-CX248AB21, a.k.a. Mister Diode, Mister Capacitor's evil twin who tries every trick he can think of to steal control of the restaurant.

-The Chables, not really characters, more like telescoping stools that scramble about trying to be helpful and comfortable to all the diner's guests (and usually remaining unobtrusive).

I think I have enough material, at least, for a first season...

01-The Escape - Ix and Iv stow away on a supply ship to escape from the Infinitessimals, and wind up at the Dustoff Diner. Ix quickly proves his worth as a technician, but it's Iv's natural curiosity that saves the restaurant from the mutant soup du jour.

02-The Inspection - The Health Inspector arrives and everyone has to be on their best behaviour, even though something's making the artificial gravity generators go haywire...

03-Charlie - Mister Capacitor creates Charlie, an animated mascot for the diner. Charlie quickly becomes popular... perhaps too popular.

04-Keep on Truckin' - A gigantic space freighter comes to the restaurant, and Ix inadvertently takes it for a joyride. Tarba and the trucker must speed to his rescue in Tarba's old junk shuttle.

05-Infestation - Mischevious beedeebees are running amok, and Ix, Tarba, and Mister Capacitor are all trying every trick in the book to exterminate them. Meanwhile, Iv knows the beedeebees aren't the real problem...

06-Sniffer - Oolee is sick, and Ix must take over her waitress duties. He's already having trouble adjusting when one of the Infinitessimal agents shows up for an omelette...

07-Again with the Tachyons - A tachyon storm is causing temporal anomalies throughout this region of space, and Tarba must learn to navigate the twisted timestream and work with himself in order to save a particularly fragile soufflé.

08-Dreamboat - A handsome Colloidan rocket pilot comes to the diner, and Oolee is quickly infatuated - but when a series of malfunctions plague the restaurant, Oolee has a choice to make...

09-Someone who has everything - A family of energy beings with mysterious godlike powers prove to be almost impossible to please.

10-Heir to the Throne - Mister Capacitor's evil twin tries to usurp control over the restaurant. Meanwhile, Iv has misplaced her spider doll...

11-Dash - When the world's fastest organism leaves without paying, Mister Capacitor insists that his employees do the impossible!

12-Ahoy - A band of merciless space pirates holds the restaurant hostage, and the diner crew must find a way to resist them. But what are the pirates really after?

13-New Hire - A new robotic employee threatens to take the place the the entire diner staff! But is there more to him than meets the eye?

14-The Star Treatment - A celebrity stops at the diner and his entourage is very insistent about what he wants... but perhaps what he really wants is a friend.

15-The Seminar - A new leadership training program has brainwashed Mister Capacitor into a cheerful, overly-friendly zombie. Now, the restaurant staff have to attend a business seminar to try to find a fix... and decide if they want to use it.

I dunno. I'd watch it.

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