The .tk extension.... I liked it because it looked like an abbreviation for "Tailsteak".

Of course, it isn't.

Tokelau is a small group of islands halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. They officially are the property of the former, but are working towards independance. Since there is no room for an air strip, Tokelau is effectively cut off from modern civilization. Yet they have their own abbreviation.

They're giving their domain names away for free. As in "free lunch". To anyone. Sure, and were open for development, but you just can't beat free.

Of course, as I found out, it's not really what you think. When you surf on over to, you get a frame, wherein is placed your website. I dislike frames, as do most people. But then, it is free. And looks cool.

Furthermore, now I don't have to put my Hotmail address on resumés anymore.

Tokelau sounds like a pretty cool place.

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