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Okay, so I've mostly been focusing on the book these past few months. I'm happy to announce that I'm only waiting on the initial proof printing, and, if I like what I see, it'll be ready for purchase soon. Even in the worst case scenario, it'll definitely be available before the end of the year.

I also have another project I've been working on, but that one's under wraps for the time being.

In the meantime, I thought I might as well share some incidental art I've done.

First up, the website Something Awful started their WTF D&D Fantasy Artwork contest, in which contestants enter funny and/or erotic (but not pornographic!) artwork based on the original 1st edition D&D Monster Manual. Below are my submissions:

Gelatinous Cube


Umber Hulk

Troll and Pseudodragon




This next picture requires some explanation - in D&D, there is a prestige class called "Ooze Lord". Ooze Lords are, of course, capable of controlling and wielding the power of various gelatinous creatures in the game, and they are invariably both evil and insane. Due to the proficiency of our GM/hostess with goopy desserts, I have taken to drawing her as an Ooze Lord, and her disruptive two-year-old as a goblin. This is them:

Ooze Lord

I will, of course, be keeping you all posted with details of the book and the secret project, and you will be made aware just as soon as they're ready for general consumption.

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