You may be familiar with the movie Waterworld, a post-apocalyptic adventure starring Kevin Costner. In Waterworld, the ice caps have melted, and humanity exists solely on the high seas, patching together what life they can from flotsam and ancient artifacts.

In many ways, it is a terrible movie.

I loved the setting, though, so I created a tabletop RPG system for it and ran a short term campaign in it. The game lasted for two sessions, which I recorded, and which I now present for your amusement.

First off, you may wish to read the system document itself. In retrospect, there are things I would change about it - clarify the rules on ropelike weapons and allow for attack-of-opportunity-style actions that cost additional ticks from your next round - but over all, it worked fairly well.

Here's a character sheet.

The audio files themselves are quite large - the two sessions were 5 and 4 1/2 hours long, respectively - so they're broken up into three mp3s each.

Here's #1.
And #2.
#3 is over here.
#4 starts off the second session.
And finally, #6.

Fair warning, this is a live RP session, not a professional radio drama.

As I always do for my tabletop games, I produced a great deal of art so that my players could form a mental image of what was going on.

Pepper and Sassy.
The tagball players.
The sea monster.
A squirter goon.
The squirter stronghold.
The scene that caused Eric to react at the beginning of the fifth mp3.
The hooded assassin.

This guy I wound up not using, but the picture is too good not to share - his name is Simon, and he's the guy who would have attacked and sabotaged the boat if the players had gone too far off from the plot.

Throughout the game, we were working with bristol board minis that looked like this. Character portrait on the front, name on the back, colour-coded bases with glyphs on the bottoms so I could easily identify them when they were hidden upside down in their lego holding rack.

So there you go! This is the sort of thing I do for my own amusement. Now you know.

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