randomHorror Game Character Sheets

This Halloween, I'm going to party where I shall be running a quick one-shot slasher-movie-inspired roleplaying game. In the interests of keeping things speedy, I've created the eight doomed college students ahead of time.

Tina the Slut  Sharon the Good Girl

Prentice the Rich Kid  Mona the Goth

Louis the Nerd  Chad the Jock

Breckle the Party Animal  Barba the Token Minority

Each of the character sheets is made of folded card stock, and can be unfolded so that the stats are always seen by the player and the name and picture are always seen by the rest of the table (note how this configuration allows for certain details about the characters to be kept secret...)

Character sheet

And here's the full-sized map of the cabin in the woods (quite a large cabin - two stories and a basement). Yes, I'm using the typical scale of 1 inch = 5 feet.


I'm looking forward to this...

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