eye candyAnother Random Art Dump

Jeez, I've been slacking on putting things up here. Welp, time for an art dump of all the stuff I've done in the past few months that wasn't Leftover Soup related. First, some commissions...

Vankor and Bevelek



Dat bun.

Okay, I lied, that last one was a little Leftover Soup related (the bunny character is from a reader named Mai). Let's see, I've also got this fanart I did for the magnificent webcomic Angel Food:


And a picture I did of Quintus for Randy Milholland's birthday:


And finally, the authour of Everyday Heroes did a picture of my characters doin' it, and because I have a standing policy of reciprocating that sort of thing, I did a picture of his characters based on this strip. You're gonna have to click the thumbnail, because the full image has boobies.

Dinah Might!
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