eye candy#Supersona

A while ago some cartoonists organized a twitter hashtag event called #Supersona. The concept was, of course, that you'd draw a superhero version of yourself.

I admit, I was tempted to do a realistic version of how I'd dress if I, myself, were intending to go out and engage in vigilante justice, but I decided there's been entirely enough "realism" in superhero fiction lately, and went old school instead.

Meet Shining Flame.

Shining Flame

That, I think, is a pretty good mix of powers and weaknesses, with just enough flexibility built in that any writer can use to generate interesting stories.

Unfortunately, not too many people participated in the #Supersona event, but for those who did, I made a picture of all of us charging into battle together:

Supersonas, unite!

Pretty rad.

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