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Back when I was doing 1/0, I ran contests for people who knew obscure webcomic trivia. A friend of mine, one Stephen Stuart, won the last contest-- that was so long ago, I don't even remember the question. Anyway, Stephen's original request proved entirely too difficult, so I put it off for a long time before finally admitting defeat. Stephen, ever the good sport, did not judge, did not blame, did not sue... he just gave me a different request. He asked that I draw a variety of articles of clothing for a bipedal species that has its genitals somewhere other than its crotch.

See, that's what I like. Room to breathe. Anyway.

The species in question is the Ventaria (singular: ventariat; adjective: ventariac). They go through a rather interesting life cycle, as you will see.

Baby Ventariat

Here, we see an infant ventariat, wearing a diaper and a small cap to cover the tiny bud whence reproductive organs will one day sprout. Notice the tiny, simple tentacles, which have only recently emerged. Notice, too, that she has one eye, and that it is red in colour. Ventaria cannot see the colour red.

I will be referring to the ventaria with female pronouns, but you should keep in mind that (though they reproduce sexually) they only have one gender.

Juvenile Ventariat

Here's a young ventariat, probably the equivalent of a ten year old human. She's wearing a cap with straps on it-- the straps are necessary as juvenile ventaria can be quite rambunctious. She's also wearing a green half-loincloth with matching boots. Note that she has grown her first set of tentacle extensions.

Trendy Ventariat

Here we see an adolescent ventariat, wearing the equivalent of a T-shirt and jeans. Most ventariac clothes are made of very stretchy fiber, and these trousers are one of the few exceptions, which is why they require a metal fastener at the belly. Because ventaria cannot see the colour red, our subject believes that the logo on her head gear is pure white. She has grown her second set of tentacle extensions.

Note the large bulbous sac on the top of her body. It's filled at this time chiefly with hormone glands, pheromone glands, and a dormant uterus. The vents on the underside of the sac must remain unblocked, for obvious reasons.

Bent Ventariat

This Ventariat is also an adolescent, and is wearing a similar head covering with a blue skirt. She has gone down on her knees to retrieve a plaything, which is a feat of flexibility similar to a human being doing the splits. This action is rather flirtatious, obviously meant to attract the attention of potential mates. Adolescent ventaria are rather like human teenagers, in that much of what they do and say is intended to help them find and secure optimal genetic material.

Ventariat at the beach

Here we see a ventariat ready to go for a quick dip. Her genitals are covered, of course, but her excretory orifice is not-- this is considered socially acceptable, but only at the beach. Ventaria enjoy the water very much, though they are very poor swimmers.

Pregnant Ventariat

This ventariat is quite clearly pregnant. She is carrying some three or four fetuses on her noggin, and that's all she's ever likely to have. A few ventariat regrow their reproductive organs, but almost none can survive a second pregnancy. The covering she is wearing is weighted down with lead bobs-- not for any practical reason, but because of an old tradition that dates back to the mistaken belief that a perfectly spherical uterus would result in fewer birth defects.

You can see the twin tentacles coming in now, pushing out the old singles, which are already beginning to atrophy and become numb. Numb tentacle tips are typically the first sign of pregnancy. Sadly, they are also the first sign of Tenubra Syndrome, a rare but fatal disease of the nervous system.

Young Urban Professional Ventariat

Here we see a young adult ventariat: competent, mature, and socially adept. She is wearing a grey skullcap to cover the scar where her uterus once was, and a skirt with exterior pockets. The piece of cloth knotted under her tentacles is similar to a necktie, though much more complicated. The colour and pattern of knots indicates that she is trained as a plumber, and is going through her last year of apprenticeship. As you can see, her first twin tentacle extension set is just beginning to show.

Ventariat at a religious ceremony

This ventariat is going through a religious ceremony; celebrating harmony, peace, and prosperity of the past lunar year. The objects she holds are Grantanas, which glow faintly in the dark to symbolize courage in hard times. Interestingly enough, the individual metal balls in her skirt are not linked together, but are actually very strong magnets. They will be shaken loose in a later dance and children will take them home as good luck charms.

Rich Ventariat

This ventariat, as you may have guessed, is quite old. Her eye is elongated by time and gravity, and her legs are stubby and wrinkled. The elaborate knots in her neck cloth indicate that she is a successful investment banker. Ironically, it is now, when she is at her most prosperous and most dextrous, that she will inevitably succumb to fatigue, senility, and death. But, of course, that is the way of things.

The drink she is holding contains a dose of cyanide that would kill any human. The ventaria take it as a mild narcotic.

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