March 1st is Sexy Self Comics Day

What is Sexy Self Comics Day?

Sexy Self Comics Day is a day dedicated to autobio comics about sexuality. There's two steps:

1) Do something sexy/sexual/sex-related.
2) Make a little autobio comic about it, and post it here.

It's that simple!

So I have to go out and shtupp someone?

Not at all! Human sexuality is about more than tab A into slot B. This project is meant to showcase the wonderful diversity in sexual behaviour - it's a sex-positive inclusivity kinda thing. All of the following would be welcome:

-a comic in which you attend some sort of burlesque or striptease
-a comic about your porn preferences
-a comic about a clothes-on BDSM session
-a list (in comic form) of qualities you find attractive in your mate
-a comic showing off how you masturbate

All we ask is that a) it be related to human sexuality, and b) it be autobiographical.

Draw Sexy Comics Sexily!

What can't I submit?

Well, obviously, if it ain't about bein' sexy, it ain't about your self, or it ain't a comic, we're not posting it. It should be equally obvious that if you send us an autobio comic about anything nonconsensual, or anything involving kids or animals, not only are we not going to post it, but we're going to contact the authorities in your area. Also, if you send us a comic that features someone recognizable who isn't you, we're going to want contact info to check with them before we put it up.

Nudity is okay. Swearing is okay. Men are okay, women are okay, straight sex is okay, gay sex is okay, transfolk are okay, pretty is okay, ugly is okay, fetishes are okay, vanilla is okay, anything you might normally consider "T.M.I." is absolutely 100% okay.

It doesn't even have to be particularly realistic. Abstract works that depict the emotional, rather than the nuts-and-bolts side of your sexuality are perfectly fine.

I'm not very sexy. :(

No one said you had to be a porn star! (Though if we do happen to get a submission from a porn star, we're certainly not going to reject it...) SSCD isn't about making perfect society-approved masturbation-fuel. It's about being real, it's about showing off your sexuality and how it gets expressed in the real world.

Doesn't this discriminate against asexuals?

Is a steakhouse discriminating against vegetarians?



Well, you should still feel free to submit something. Make a comic about your asexuality, or how others' sexuality makes you feel. Many asexuals still masturbate or interact sexually with other people, even if it may not be in a typical way - feel free to make a comic about that!

I can't draw!

Who said anything about drawing? A "comic" is a collection of words and pictures that tell a story. Some of the most popular comic artists online never pick up a pen! If you send in a photo comic, or a collage of clip art, we've got no problem with that.

Do I have to use my real name?

Absolutely not (we know some people are shy!) Pseudonyms are fine. On the other hand, if you want us to label your artwork with your name and provide a link back to whatever other projects or profiles you have online, we can totally do that too.

Draw Sexy Comics Sexily!

What formats can you take?

JPG, GIF and PNG, nothing more than 750 pixels across and 1000 pixels tall. Multiple image files are fine, we'll make sure they go up in order!

What's the deadline?

Sexy Self Comics Day is March 1st, but if you send in something a little late, we're not going to be too strict about it.

So I've only got 24 hours to finish?

Oh, gosh, no. Early submissions are equally welcome, and in fact, most people get theirs done ahead of time!

How do I send you my comics?

Whatever you've got, email it to Feel free to send multiple emails with whatever descriptions you feel are important. We'll contact you if there's a problem, or if we need further information. Be aware that we manually filter all of our submissions, so it may take a while before the comic you send goes up - be patient!

If you have any questions about the event, you can email us at or follow the @SexySelfCD Twitter feed.

Happy sexing and happy comicking!